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  • Eliminate the source of water if possible.

  • Turn off circuit breakers if safe to do so.

  • Be cautious of slip hazards.

  • Remove and secure any important document and valuables.

  • Remove and secure breakables.

  • Remove and secure small furniture if possible.

  • Remove books, shoes, paper goods, and other items that may be damage by water.

  • Call a water damage restoration expert to evaluate the extent of potential damage

  • Contact a doctor if you have health concerns.


  • Do not use vacuum equipment to remove water.

  • Do not use newspaper on wet surfaces.

  • Do not walk across wet surfaces any more than necessary.

  • Do not activate the HVAC system.

  • Do not adjust indoor temperatures.

  • Do not enter an area with standing water.

  • Do not consume any food in the loss area.

  • Do not use personal hygiene items left in the affected area.

  • Do not use home fans to dry wet surfaces.

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